Tues June 20 7:30p- 8:30p

Join Guest Yoga teacher Irene for this very special practice happening as part of our International Yoga Week celebrations! To sign- up , visit the schedule, pick June 20th and press BOOK. This class is part of your class package / membership! You can also purchase a one time pass for this class!

"Have you been curious about what breath work has to offer? Wondering what Pranayama is all about? In Breakthrough Breathwork with Irene you will experience a wide range of techniques all based around the most basic guide: your own breath!  Through a combination of yogic modalities made to bring you out of your thinking mind and deep into your body, Irene will guide us as we strengthen the link between body and breath. This class will be low impact on the body, but highly stimulating for the mind. Come join us for an evening of inhalation, exhalation, and exploration."

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