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While I created this yoga studio & site as a place for you, if you have stumbled upon this page you may be curious to learn a bit about my background.

I moved to this beautiful province in 2021 with my husband, 4 kids, 3 dogs, a rabbit, a snake and three geckos (fun times!) I was on mat leave at the time, and honestly feeling burnt out just prior. Between a full time job, teaching upwards of 20+ classes a week, and my ever-evolving side hustle as an avid online seller, it was getting to be a bit much. I decided that this fresh start would allow more time for family, less commuting, and more time to practice yoga, as, as you know you, cannot pour from an empty cup! It was not too long after moving that I craved the yoga studio experience. I began teaching at Pure Zen in Woodstock shortly after, where I felt my passion for teaching was re-ignited! Long story short, It has been a long time goal of mine to own and operate a yoga studio. So when I saw this old yet rough studio space at 611 Main St, I knew it would be the perfect space to establish some roots and build a beautiful studio to offer yoga and aerial yoga. When you know, you know!

A bit about my teaching history & yoga style.

My favourite classes to teach are power based practices. Whilst asana (yoga poses) is just one small slice of the yoga journey, I believe in keeping the physical body in optimal shape. Yoga is the yoking of all aspects of the self, so when your physical body is optimal, mentally you are clearer, are more positive, and your over-all health is improved.

I teach my classes often with an err of humor , with but don’t expect that to translate into ‘easy’. Yoga should create the ultimate balance between effort and ease – challenging your edge with the intention of growth within all layers of the self. Yoga teaches us so much about life. Our priorities are put into perspective, and the overwhelming sense of bliss and accomplishment that follows a practice is second to none.

Within the last 12 years, I have had the pleasure to teach at some of the largest gyms and studios around the GTA in Ontario (now NB!), and train with many amazing teachers. I have been a full-time teacher for many of those years teaching mainly hot yoga, power yoga & vinyasa. Some notable yoga teachers including (but not limited!) to Natasha Rizopolous, Daniel Lacerda, and JP Tamblyn Sabo, but, equally if not more so, over time your best teachers become your students, friends and ultimately from within. I was fortunate to contribute to Daniel Lacerda’s book “2100 Asanas” which is a beautiful collection & the most thoroughly documented yoga pose catalouge to date.  

I hold a 1000hr -YTT studying in depth yoga philosophy, Ashtanga Vinyasa (8 limbed path) asana, anatomy, pranayama & history.  I am a certified in AntiGravity Fundamentals 1&2, AntiGravity Restorative & Aerial Yoga. I am also a certified fitness instructor with Can-fit. I will be offering a mentorship & teaching training program at 2 Rivers Yoga in the near future.

From the newest student to more advanced practitioner, expect my yoga classes to offer balance – an opportunity to challenge yourself where needed, and then areas to pull back, restore, and soak up all the success your yoga practice has brought you!

I look forwards to meeting you in the studio soon!


Teacher Bio coming soon ….

We are hiring!

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