Classes will be marked as all levels, level 1 (beginner/low intensity) level 2 (intermediate/moderate intensity) or level 3 (experienced/higher intensity) on the schedule. Note that the level marking is merely a general guide, as a tool to give you an indication of the class and may vary depending on the individual instructor. Anyone is welcomed to attend any class level!

Ebb & Flow

A vinyasa practice yoga that is fun & invigorating!  This class utilizes the breath as a tool for both movement and mindfulness. The word vinyasa originates from the Sanskrit terms nyasa, which translates to “to place”, and vi, meaning “with purpose.” This implies that each movement is done intentionally and with conscious awareness. The purpose of vinyasa yoga is to unify your breath with movement to create a flowing, continuous practice; as you move from one pose to the next, each movement should be connected to an inhale or exhale.

Power Ebb & Flow

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice that links breath with movement. The intensity of the practice may be greater as we explore and introduce different asanas (poses) in greater depth, and play with different transitions into and out of them. Sometimes we may play with arm balances & inversions. This practice will generate a lot of internal heat, lighting the agni (fire) within & help you build strength, increase flexibility and ultimately burning off any negativity or anxiety to help restore balance to the self.

Slow & Steady

This slow moving yoga class is designed to help students build their strength, flexibility and balance while exploring the many disciplines of the practice. Our instructor will guide you through basic poses, gentle stretching, pranayama and relaxation techniques in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We provide modifications for individual needs so that all levels of physical ability can be accommodated. Perfect for beginners.

Ashtanga Remix

Ashtanga Remix is a lead, Ashtanga inspired primary series practice. It is a highly structured dynamic form of practice. We will move through the sun salutations, standing poses, and many of the seated poses before taking a well deserved savasana. Ashtanga challenges us to work with best effort while respecting our limits, maintaining an attitude of contentment and gratitude for all we are capable of. What may appear as a purely athletic pursuit is in fact moving meditation with intense focus on breath. Be prepared to sweat as we build strength, flexibility and patient determination.


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga class is a slow paced practice designed to help students achieve a state of  awareness, while releasing the physical body. You will gain increased flexibility, improved range of motion in your joints, by practicing long-held, passive floor poses that mainly target the lower part of the body – hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine – practitioners can feel their body release tension and their minds follow suit. During class, our experienced instructor will guide you through a set of carefully chosen poses held for 3-10 minutes each, offering hands-on adjustments as necessary. In addition to the physical benefits of yin yoga, this practice can also be very meditative and deeply calming for the mind.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a a practice of yoga that emphasizes the physical mastery of the self – classes will consist of a combination of posture and breathing. Every physical form of yoga is a branch of Hatha, therefore class styles can vary significantly due to instructor style and training. Hatha emphasizes the physical two sides of our nature,  literally “Ha” translating into Sun and “tha” the moon.  Hatha yoga is about connecting one’s awareness with one’s physical body. This class will help you develop more flexibility and strength, while also deepening your practice both on and off the mat. Hatha classes can be tailored to all levels, from beginner to advanced yogis, so they provide an opportunity for everyone to deepen their yoga practice in a safe and supportive environment.


Karma Class

Is a donation based yoga class that aims to make yoga accessible for all. The class style will vary depending on the teacher. Class is free on the schedule. Recommended donation at the door is $5, and / or a non-perishable food item is greatly appreciated!

Open Studio / Self Practice

Open studio time where you are able to come into the studio and practice yoga at your own pace. Please note, this is not a led class. Please respect others and do not play music or work out videos (unless you have earbuds)

 Sweat & Surrender

Is a fun, energetic strength based fitness class that incoorporates weights, HIIT Pilates, core strength and cardio balanced with a sweet yoga inspired stretch to balance and recalibrate at the end.

Aerial Yoga: Flow & Float

Aerial yoga is a unique class that combines  yoga poses with elements of acrobatics. It utilizes a hammock suspended from the ceiling to allow practitioners to safely explore inversions, backbends, flips and other postures in ways not possible on the ground.  This class is taught similar to a yoga practice ending with a relaxing savasana in the hammock at the end. Benefits of aerial yoga include increased joint mobility, improved posture, body awareness, and relaxation. It is a great way to challenge the body and mind while having a good time!

Aerial Elements

Aerial elements is our beginner / fundamental aerial class. Learn and master the basics of using the aerial hammock in a safe & supported environment. We will practice inversions, play with elements of strengthening, stretching, and harnessing our inner-child though play!

Aerial Yin & Restorative

Aerial Restorative is our chill out Aerial class. A slow moving practice where the hammock is lowered to about 12″ off the ground. We will use the hammock  as a prop to assist in opening the hips, shoulders, neck and spine & explore postures that allow the body to relax in a safe & supported way. We will end the class with a nice long savasana in the hammock.