Brand New to Yoga? Start here!

Yoga? What is yoga? Why should I practice yoga?  I know perhaps you are a bit curious, and want to know more. These days there is no shortage of “information” and often a google search may result in too few, or too many results! Perhaps you have tried yoga in the past and haven’t had […]

June 19 @ 6:30p Hip Mobility & Vinyasa practice

Hip Mobility & Vinyasa Practice Monday June 19 6:30p Join Guest teacher Hannah for a 60min Vinyasa practice with emphasis on the hips! “Please join Hannah for an hour long vinyasa class where we will pair breath work with various asanas to focus on hip mobility and creating space within the body. Take a break […]

June 20 @ 7:30p Break Through Breath Work

Tues June 20 7:30p- 8:30p Join Guest Yoga teacher Irene for this very special practice happening as part of our International Yoga Week celebrations! To sign- up , visit the schedule, pick June 20th and press BOOK. This class is part of your class package / membership! You can also purchase a one time pass […]