What is yoga? Why should I practice yoga?  I know perhaps you are a bit curious, and want to know more. These days there is no shortage of “information” and often a google search may result in too few, or too many results! Perhaps you have tried yoga in the past and haven’t had the opportunity to explore its full benefits. I know, I know there are a million other things we need to stuff into a day, and sometimes (too often!) we sacrifice our own health in attempts to get all-the-things done. But, the (sad) truth is that the mundane things never get truly ‘done’.

There is always more to do. This is where not only managing our time comes in, but really setting, and sticking to personal goals instead of waiting for ‘one day’ to get stuff done. It’s the reason why I chose to invest my time and experience into building the yoga studio of my dreams for you. Its been on my ‘someday’ list for way too long. When opportunity calls, sometimes you just need to listen! My goal is to help guide you on your personal journey. Wither your goal is to carve out some much needed downtime, improve fitness, challenge yourself, or just to try something new, 2 Rivers Yoga is here for you.

Click below for some common FAQs about starting out your yoga journey at our studio, still have questions or can’t find what your looking for?

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Frequently asked questions

At its core, yoga is an ancient practice that seeks to bring balance and harmony between all aspects of the self, physically and mentally. It has been practiced for thousands of years as part of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with the ultimate goal of reaching “samadhi’ or enlightenment. Through physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), yoga can help to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility. The root of Yoga in sanskirt translates into “yoke” or unite all aspects of the self. The majority of yoga found in studios is asana (physical) based yoga, and our studio is no exception. We believe that keeping our bodies in optimal shape is a gateway to overall happiness, health & success.

The most important thing you need to start practicing yoga is of course, yourself, a positive attitude, and a willingness to try something new! A yoga mat with a decent amount of grip is required. It provides cushioning and helps keep your body stable & supported during your practice. You may also want to invest in your own blocks, straps or bolsters eventually, but we have a limited number of props to borrow at the studio. You can also purchase some from our retail section. Other than this, all you need is comfortable clothes that allow your body freedom of movement and an open mind ready for self-exploration.

Yoga can provide numerous physical benefits such as improved flexibility, increased strength, better posture, more balanced breathing patterns, enhanced circulation, improved digestion, and more efficient metabolism. Additionally, yoga can help reduce stress levels through relaxation techniques like meditation as well as calming postures like forward bends or gentle twists. Finally, many people find spiritual enlightenment through the practice of yoga which often leads to greater clarity in life decisions and a better understanding of one’s self on a deeper level.

If you are brand new to the studio, you can try 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for only $45. Try a bunch of classes and see what you like best! To sign-up, pick the class you would like to sign up for, and be sure to pick that option upon check out.

Yes we do! We can accommodate a certain number of one-on-one or group classes. (max. of 11 for Aerial and 15 for Yoga). We can also host birthday parties, bachelorette, baby showers or meetings. Please contact us to discuss your needs!

We have a lounge area, a change room with two changing stalls, lockers with locks to secure belongings, a washroom, kitchenette, a small retail boutique and a water dispenser to fill your water bottles. We offer yoga mats and props to use free of charge. We also have a large prop room where you are welcome to store your yoga mat and accessories if you are an unlimited member.

We are a yoga studio offering in person classes. We are located in Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada at 611 Main St. (beside the old homehardware) We are about 25 mins from Hartland, New Brunswick, 1 hour from Fredricton, NB and about 20 min from Houlton, Maine.

There are a limited number of street parking spaces downtown. There are also a few spaces behind the building, or across the street beside the boardwalk on King St. towards the farmers market.

Everyone has their own goals – It really depends on what you would like accomplish from your practice. (If you’re not sure, that’s OK too!) Are you looking to just take a moment, or are you looking for a really good workout? (yoga can be both!) Classes marked as level 1 or All levels will be suitable for beginners, but all classes regardless will offer modifications for suitable for beginners. To see full class descriptions, check the description in the class schedule.

Our studio believes in nurturing the whole body (physically & mentally), therefore a variety of classes will be available to meet you where you are at! Our class types include: Power Vinyasa, Ebb & Flow, Candle Light Yin, Strong & Stretch, Ashtanga Remix, Beginners Yoga, Karma Classes, Aerial Restorative, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Elements & more. We will also offer special one-off classes and workshops that you are welcome to attend!

Simply check out the schedule, pick the class you like and press ‘BOOK’. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one, and if you have one you can log in. You are free to mix and match whatever classes you like on the schedule. Please note that some special events or sessions may be an extra charge, depending on the offering.

From there, you can purchase classes or memberships, edit or view your class enrolments.

You may book classes one month in advance, and up to 5 mins before the start of class. Please cancel no less than 1 hr before the start of class of class to give others the opportunity to join.  Any classes withdrawn less than one hour will not have their credit refunded.

Please book classes in advance online as we have limited spots available.

You can download the ‘classfit’ app on your mobile device to easily manage your account and bookings on the go!

For regular temp yoga, please bring your yoga mat, blocks, strap and water. Wear comfortable, form fitting clothing that doesn’t restrict your range of motion.

Aerial Classes: Wear form fitting clothing. A t-shirt or long sleeved t-shirt is a must. Grippy socks or barefeet is best. Please do not wear jewellery or clothes with zippers as they will damage the hammocks.

If you don’t have yoga props these, we have a limited amount to borrow. You can also purchase gear from our boutique to have your own. Certain classes may require the use of additional props such as weights or bolsters which will be provided (of course you can use your own if you have them!)

Our monthly membership is our unlimited yoga package which is automatically renewed month-to-month for your convenience. Our monthly membership is our lowest cost, most flexible option suitable for those that want to take as many classes as they like! Enjoy our lowest rates on classes, Free dedicated secure space to store your yoga props,  Unlimited classes included in this Monthly rate including aerial, community & all studio classes as well as special studio offerings!

Benefits to becoming a monthly member include: a dedicated storage space for your Yoga mat and props, special workshops and events included, one free class pass for a friend plus 10% off all 2 rivers yoga retail items in the boutique!

please note : Aerial classes must be booked in advance online due to limited spots.