My goal with the creation of 2 Rivers Yoga is to help and inspire good and wellness to those that need it, not just those that can financially afford to come. I also understand that a regular yoga practice is a path that not everyone is able to do.

I want to reach as many people as possible, therefore, I could use your help, even if you’re not into yoga personally!

This season, I am offering “sponsor class” – a donation of a single class, a even a part of a class for one participant, or the donation of one class for all participants in the class (10 participants max or aerial or 15 for yoga) which i will open the class up as a non-charge Karma class for the community. In addition to helping a local business & providing a wellness service for those in need, for every $25 raised, $5 will go back as a donation to The Sanctuary House in Woodstock – a shelter for Abused women & children.

This will allow us to keep the studio running and offer Free of Charge Classes and packages for those that are not financially able to come on a regular basis.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself for a free karma class, please send me a message! (Any any all emails received are strictly confidential)

To sponsor a class, please use this link (all payments are securely handled by PayPal) :