Free Mothers day Yin May 14

Please Sign-up below to attend this free candle light yin practice on Sunday May 14th at 6:30p in honour of all Moms!

In joining our yoga classes, you understand that physical exercise carries a certain inherent risk of injury. This includes muscle sprains and strains, broken bones, cuts, bruises and other injuries sustained from participating in physical activities. You acknowledge that there may be additional risks not known to us or which we do not consider foreseeable. Therefore, you agree to assume all risks associated with your participation in any yoga class offered at this studio.

You also accept full responsibility for any personal items that are brought into our facility as well as any medical expenses incurred should an injury be sustained during a class or event. We do not carry insurance for personal belongings and cannot be held responsible for their loss or damage.

It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the risks associated with any exercises you undertake while participating in our classes. In the event that you experience discomfort or pain during a class, please stop immediately and inform the instructor so they can offer an appropriate modification or adjustment. If necessary, please seek medical advice before continuing practice or attending further classes at this studio.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are confirming that you: (1) have no physical condition or psychological disorder; (2) have been advised by a physician concerning the suitability of yoga for your level of physical health; (3) will follow the instructions given by instructors throughout each class; (4) will take precautions including refraining from performing advanced poses without prior written consent from management; (5) will use equipment safely and properly; (6) understand that serious injuries can occur from attempting yoga poses without sufficient instruction from qualified teachers; and (7) understand that photographs taken during classes may be used for promotional purposes without compensation paid to participants who appear in said images.

You also agree to indemnify us against liability for illness or injury resulting from your participation in our classes. Should we feel compelled to take legal action due to breach of contract, we reserve the right to recover damages including legal fees incurred by us resulting from such action taken against yourself individually or jointly with others involved in such cause of action against us, whether successful or not.

Finally, we reserve the right to refuse attendance at any class if we deem it necessary for reasons of safety related to yourself or those around you because of mental instability, intoxication due to drugs/alcohol/medication misuse/abuse etc., non-compliance with rules set out herein relating to etiquette/conduct within our facility etc., offensive behavior towards staff members etc., failure on your part to attend training sessions as required by us etc., presenting yourself as representing us when acting outside this facility etc., interfering with other student’s ability to perform poses safely etc., weapon possession or usage within our facility etc., engaging in activities deemed dangerous within this venue etc., inappropriate language being used while beneath our roof etc..

If you are under the age of 16, your parent / legal guardian consents to your participation in this class, and agrees to sign the waiver on your behalf.

You agree to be sent a class notification upon sign-up and class reminders prior to the start of the class.

We thank you for taking the time out of your day to register with us here at 2 Rivers Yoga! We look forwards to seeing you in the studio!!